Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The D-Word!

Recipes. Recipes. Recipes....Did anyone ever stop to think that if we eat all this food whether if it's going to smack into our cute tooshies or in other unwanted areas!?! Well, we certainly did and even though we all love food...we love ourselves more, hence, some of us have taken the initiative to go on a DIET! Yes, I did say the D-word! Of course Exercise has always been in the routine but more so now!

So have you guys tried any diets that worked for you or didn't work for you? Let us know and let's talk about it...Maybe we can create a fabulous diet scheme that works? Who knows...doesn't hurt eyy?

Diets that have worked in the past are the South Beach Diet and Atkins which are similar....the high protein and zero to low-carb diet, which in reality makes sense. Because if you look at the food chain, all the slimmer animals aka lions, tigers, cheetahs, snakes are carnivores vs the vegetarians aka Elephants, Cows etc...

Anyways, in the next few posts or so will post some diets that work or didn't work and will start a dialogue on the Diet Topic...any of you who want to share your successes and woes are welcome to do so!!! And highly encouraged.

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